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When you are looking to make sure that the job is done right, and by a company that has been around a while, we have found that Lexington is going to be your best bet.  These guys are a large player in the industry with one of the best processes of credit repair that we've seen.  Their massive marketing efforts have made them a house hold name.  When it comes down to service, this repair giant has gotten better with every year and continues to improve with upgraded services and technology to boot.


The Good

Lexington Law has been around the block a time or two and knows the in’s and out’s of the credit repair business. Their established background and dedicated team are there to help you get the score you need to purchase a home. After enrolling in their program and receiving a free credit score summary, you will start to see those negative items removed from your credit report. Lexington Law is based out of North Salt Lake, Utah, and we actually took the time to visit and take a look at their customer service center, their legal department, and even use their bathrooms.  The bottom line: These guys take credit repair seriously.  We haven’t seen any other organization like this with such a dedicated team filled with paralegals, finance experts and professional workers.  Negative deletions, thank you letters, and score improvement notifications lined the hallway walls in picture frames to show how important their customers are to them.

  • TU Credit Report Summary Provided w/Free Consultation
  • Free professional analysis by paralegals provided
  • Phone support from trained paralegals 7 days a week
  • Spousal and military discounts
  • In business since 1991

The Bad

They are not the fastest.  Simply put, Lexington is extremely thorough, and everything is passed through their legal department which can bog down their speed of results.  However, with the results they usually produce, we believe it’s usually worth the wait.

The Bottom Line

Tried, true, and reputable.  When going for a credit repair company, you should ALWAYS do your own background check on each company. Lexington Law is a company with a track record that remains relatively clean for as many clients they have serviced, and being subject to so many online competitors.  We highly recommend Lexington if you have the time to wait for the gold, and don’t want to risk using a different company without a track record like Lexington Law. Visit their site today!

Also; please keep in mind that testimonials represent the results of the particular individual and you should not expect the same result because your case is different than everyone else’s. Lexington promises only to communicate with creditors on your behalf and in your name, verify report changes with bureaus, and provide you timely information about changes in your reports. Previous clients have seen impressive credit report results, with an average of 10.2 removals in 4 months across their three reports. Some members do not achieve that result and Lexington makes no guarantee that you will receive that average result.

Lexington Law utilizes a four-step process to help their clients achieve their credit repair goals. The Lexington Law process is simple and effective.

Step #1: Obtain Credit Reports

Upon signing up, a representative from Lexington Law will assist you in getting your credit case all set up. This process includes obtaining credit reports, from all three of the major credit bureaus, so the legal team at Lexington Law will be able to start removing negative and inaccurate items from you credit report.

Step #2: Legal Action Begins

Unlike the majority of credit repair companies, Lexington Law supplies their clients with access to an experienced legal staff that conducts the disputing process on their behalf. Once the Lexington Law attorney and paralegals have reviewed your credit reports, they will begin to dispute the negative items you believe to be both negative and inaccurate.

Step #3: Credit Analysis

You are not left in the dark when you enroll in Lexington Law credit repair services. You will be assigned your own paralegal who will be available to you to answer any questions and concerns you may have. You will also have access to the progress of your credit case through an online portal where you will be able to see analysis and updates.

Step #4: Follow-up and Escalation

Lexington Law will have you forward any results you receive from the credit bureaus so that they can follow-up on your case.

**This is a summation of the terms and services/contract details/privacy policy and is in no way a complete depiction of this company’s actual terms and services or contract. The information found below is simply additional information and commentary with the intent to help the consumer. If you wish to know the exact language of the terms of service/contract, please contact this company with any questions or concerns you may have.**

Sensitive Information

As a client of Lexington Law, the Firm may also collect the following information (in addition to basic contact information). This information is collected in order to carry out Lexington Law’s legitimate business objectives.

• Social Security Numbers
• Credit or Debit Card Numbers, along with expiration date (if used as a form of payment)
• Drivers’ License Numbers, along with State of issue and address on license;
• Bank Account Numbers (if used as form of payment);
• Financial Account Numbers (for purposes of making disputes and interventions)
• Date of Birth

“Website Information” means information collected when individuals website, such as date and time of visit, pages viewed, time spent on the site, and websites visited before viewing the Lexington Law Firm site. This information cannot be traceable to any specific person.”

What to know:

The only personal information collected is what is necessary to carry out credit repair services successfully.

“What Information We Collect From Clients

When you visit, (Client Site), you may provide us with three (3) different types of information: (a) personal contact information that you knowingly choose to disclose that is collected on an individual basis; (b) sensitive information; and (c) website use information collected on an aggregate basis by individuals browsing our website.”

What to know:

The information collected is as follows: contact information, sensitive/personal information, browsing data.

“How We Collect Information

Personal Contact Information: We collect this information in order to contact you about your case or other relevant information from Lexington Law Firm.

Sensitive Information: This information is only used for legitimate business purposes and is only shared with third parties to the extent necessary to fulfill those purposes. Sensitive information is encrypted before it is shared with any third party.

Website Information:

• When you browse this site, you are able to do so anonymously. Generally, we don’t collect personal information when you browse this site — not even your email address. Your browser, however, does automatically tell us the type of computer and operating system you are using.• You only can access this site if you are a client of Lexington Law Firm. In order to use this site and protect and secure the privacy and confidentiality of its clients, Lexington needs to track usage by client case number. Therefore, your use of the site constitutes consent to collection and storage of personally identifying information.”
What to know:
Information is collected either by you willingly inputting it or analytical data gathered when you browse the website.

“Under What Circumstances Lexington Shares Your Information

Personal Contact Information: Because the ability to communicate with our clients during any part of the credit recovery process is absolutely essential, your personal contact information may be shared with other Lexington employees. They will protect your personal information in accordance with the Lexington Customer Privacy Policy. Lexington will not share your personal contact information with other companies unless you specify otherwise.

Lexington works with other companies that help us provide Lexington services to you, and we may provide your personal information to these companies. For example, should we need to forward written documents to you we give shipping companies this information so they can deliver more efficiently. The information they receive is for shipping and delivery purposes only, and we require that the companies safeguard your personal information in accordance with Lexington’s policies.

In addition, Lexington uses your personal contact information to keep you up to date on the latest service announcements, feature updates, special offers, and other information we think you would like to hear about. From time to time, we may also use your personal information in order to contact you regarding participation in a market research survey, so that we can gauge client satisfaction and improve our services further.

Sensitive Information: There may be some circumstances in which Lexington shares certain sensitive information with a third-party vendor. However, when this occurs, the information is encrypted and Lexington assures that it is handled in a manner consistent with this privacy policy and relevant laws. Sensitive information is only given to third party vendors when necessary to carry out the legitimate business objectives for which you retained the Firm. The circumstances under which sensitive information are shared with third parties include disputes and interventions to credit bureaus and creditors as well as processing of payments.

Website Information: This information is collected in order to allow Lexington to improve its Web site and better serve its clients. This information allows Lexington to design and arrange Web pages in the most user-friendly manner and to continually improve its Web site to better meet the needs of its clients and prospective clients.”

What to know: 

Personal information is collected so that the Lexington Law experts can work on your credit case on your behalf. Website information is collected in order to create a better user experience.

“How We Protect Your Information

Lexington safeguards the security of the data you send with physical, electronic, and managerial procedures. We urge you to take every precaution to protect your personal data when you are on the Internet. Change your passwords often, use a combination of letters and numbers, and make sure you use a secure browser.

• Application of Encryption Technologies

Lexington’s web site uses industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all web pages where sensitive personal information, including social security numbers, is collected. To sign up for service, or to log into the client section of the web site, you must use an SSL-enabled browser. This protects the confidentiality of your personal and credit card or checking account information while it is transmitted over the Internet.• Evaluation of Information Protection Practices
Periodically, our operations and business practices are reviewed for compliance with corporate policies and procedures governing the security, confidentiality and quality of our information.• Employee Access, Training and Expectations
Lexington’s corporate values, ethical standards, policies and practices are committed to the protection of customer information. In general, Lexington’s business practices limit employee access to confidential information, and limit the use and disclosure of such information to authorized persons, processes and transactions.• Legally Compelled Disclosure of Information 
Lexington may disclose information when legally compelled to do so, in other words, when we, in good faith, believe that the law requires it or for the protection of our legal rights. Privileged information about a client’s case is shared only when required by a court order or with a client’s express, written permission.• Sharing Information with Outside Parties
Lexington may provide aggregate information about our site visitors and related Web site information to our affiliates, but this information will not include sensitive information.

Attorney-Client Privilege. Because Lexington is a law firm, information about a client’s case is considered privileged and is shared only when required by a court order or with a client’s express, written permission.

Our Company-Wide Commitment To Privacy
To make sure your personal information remains confidential, Lexington communicates these privacy guidelines to every Lexington Law Firm employee, staff member, and third-party vendor.

• Protection of Minors
Lexington does not knowingly solicit personal information from children or send them requests for personal information.• Third-Party Web Site Links
Lexington’s web site may contain links to other sites. Lexington does not share your personal information with those web sites and is not responsible for their privacy practices. We encourage you to learn about the privacy policies of those companies.• Changes to the Use of Personal Information
If Lexington is going to use your personal information differently from that stated at the time of collection, we will try to contact you via email using the most recent information we have. If you have not given us permission to communicate with you, you will not be contacted, nor will we use your personal information in a new manner.”
What to know:
You information is protected by advanced security technologies.

Lexington Law Dashboard

The Lexington Law dashboard shows clients a snapshot of what is happening on their account. On the left side of the dashboard, clients can see the total number of removals expected and how many have actually been taken off a credit report. Lexington Law also provides a percentage of how many removals have been made. From the dashboard, clients can see if they have any alerts/messages that may require action. The dashboard also shows a small breakdown of each credit bureau at the bottom of the page.

ll3 copy

Score Tracker

The score tracker is another tool that can be found under the dashboard tab. The tracker allows clients to see, over the period of a year, where their credit score is and how it improves over time. It also shows a breakdown of each credit bureau (clients just have to select which credit bureau they want to see) and what the status is of their case with each report. If a client is having any issues, they can also access the support center on the bottom right of the page and chat online to get the necessary assistance.

ll2 copy

Score Analysis

The score analysis page can be accessed through the dashboard toolbar. The score analysis provides a payment history analysis, amounts owed analysis, length of credit history analysis, credit mix analysis, and new credit analysis. This breaks down the information clients need to know about each segment of their credit accounts. The information is detailed and customized to each member’s account.

ll1 copy

Credit Library

The credit library provides a plethora of information that someone struggling with credit problems may find useful. The credit library is somewhat of a resource center suppling information regarding: credit glossary terms, consumer awareness articles, credit myths exposed, guides to various credit subjects, etc. If a client is confused or wants further information, the credit library is a great resource.

ll4 copy

Case Actions

Under the case actions tab, members can see creditor information, credit bureau statuses, case notifications, and removals. The case actions show a detailed breakdown of each credit bureau and the status of the item. It shows a list of account names and what their standing is with the credit bureaus. It will show whether the item is unlisted, ignored, or positive.

ll5 copy

Credit Monitoring

The credit monitoring tab allows you to view the ReportWatch tool. This tool is updated anytime Lexington Law detects a change in your credit score. It will display whether or not the changes impact your score in a positive or negative way. There will be a breakdown of negative, positive, and neutral alerts. By clicking on each of these, the toolbar will extend and show all of the alerts in the respective category.

ll6 copy

Credit Reports

The credit reports tab allows you to access credit reports, order new reports, and display any other documentation. Members will be able to see accounts, the type, and date it opened. Members will also be able to see any and all positive accounts.

ll8 copy

The following statements are testimonials made by real Lexington Law clients after services were completed:

“Great customer service and they definitely delivered positive results! Big jump in credit score.”

– J.Z.

“Lexington has been excellent to work with in managing my credit repair. They have provided the necessary dialogue between myself and creditors and has worked proficiently and diligently in removing negative items.”


“Lexington Law has been courteous and very helpful in repairing my credit and always keeps me informed of what is being done on my behalf with weekly updates sent to me via email. “


“I have already recommended Lexington Law firm to family and friends who are very satisfied with the services. Lexington Law firm is highly recommended for credit counseling services. Excellent firm! Very pleased and looking forward to continuing to work with Lexington Law group.”


“They hit the ground running and I had positive results in a few weeks.”


“I have been with Lexington Law 6 months. I know my case is not going to be an easy one. Yes, I have been hard on them at times and they responded to by send stronger letter out. I feel we are on the down side of getting my bankrupts removed.”


“My credit score was very low and with Lexington in just a few months, I begin to get pre-approval letters from creditors who would not give me a credit card months earlier.”


“I am a new customer. I was very surprised by the courtesy shown whenever I called the firm to ask questions regarding my credit and steps to take to make my score higher.”


“Lexington Law provides knowledgeable and professional assistance enabling you to obtain the best credit standing possible. They encourage your contact and are tenacious in their follow through with credit agencies. Kudos to you Lex!”


“I’ve had quite a lot of credit issues that the firm has helped me to start to get in order.”


“Lexington Law does a great job of resolving my credit issues. They are fast courteous and helpful when I call and the website is easy and informative.”


“It’s been a favorable experience for me and really think they work for you with care and are willing to do the best of all I recommend 100% to anyone.”


“They are willing to help me build my credit, unlike anyone else! Talking to them made my day and my future much brighter! Even as a friend, I would recommend everyone to go to them.”


“Thankful for the help to restore my credit to better me & my family.”


“So far the fast responds to start the process they always answer any stupid question I have with an intelligent answer. Thank you for representing me.”


“They answered all my questions. Even though I was nervous they made me feel at ease. Can’t wait to see the results.”


“Lexington Law has provided the outlet to repair my credit. Only through Lexington Law have I been able to witness improvements. Lexington Law associates very professional with the means to succeed in my future. Thank you for continued success.” 


“I tried to correct many mistakes from my 3 credit reports to no avail. But with your help I did my FICO score is now at 726.I just refinances my car with Penfield credit union interest rate charge for a used car refinance 2.74% In one transaction alone I was able to recuperate my fees to your company and much more Thanks You.”


“Everyone I spoke to are professional and well educated in the services they provide. Very Satisfied with the paralegals working for Lexington Law, they are very professional and courteous.”


“I am from SC. Lexington Law has truly assisted me to achieve credit worthiness Thank you.”


“This wonderful Law firm stands by exactly what they say the will do , they can change your whole life , if you want your credit straighten out they are the ones for the job . That house you dreamed about, well with Lexington Law it’s right around the corner! Just try them see if the make a big difference in your life!! It’s working for my husband and I. And I fell grateful thanks Lexington Law.”  


“The paralegals are friendly, professional in their presentation, and above all knowledgeable.” 


“Lexington Law Firm is outstanding company that helps you repair your credit. I myself highly recommend Lexington Law Firm to those who need help repairing their credit.”


Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Visit our Request Reconsideration page and send us your feedback today!

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  1. User Score
    October 8th, 2015 at 7079
    0 people found this review helpful!

    Lexington law is very slow in doing business. They will milk the service to get as much money out of you as possible. When it was time to cancel my account they said I was basically in the rears. FRAUD! The initial 99.95 is the processing fee. Not communicated very well.

  2. User Score
    P Joiner
    October 8th, 2015 at 7077
    0 people found this review helpful!

    Lexington Law was very disappointing. They do not have access to all of the credit bureaus as claimed. They do not monitor your credit scores with agencies. The customer service/salesman ship is good.

  3. User Score
    Desiree Muray
    October 8th, 2015 at 7076
    0 people found this review helpful!

    I wouldn’t waste your money. After 6 weeks of no results, they cancelled. But still charged me for the full 8. Wasted $198. Please be wise and don’t waste your money.

  4. User Score
    October 8th, 2015 at 7074
    0 people found this review helpful!

    Was told that I could cancel in 7 days. Called them on the seventh day and they said they are charging me.

    It’s a scam!!!!!!!

  5. User Score
    October 8th, 2015 at 7071
    2 people found this review helpful!

    Been with them 6 months, and nothing has changed. I have a local friend that can do more for less. I am calling them tomorrow to cancel. What a joke they are.

  6. User Score
    October 7th, 2015 at 7066
    3 people found this review helpful!

    they had my case opened in since august. it is october and big deal one item removed. I called them and i hope they will move. i hope…. i will keep posting

  7. User Score
    Kimoko hill
    October 5th, 2015 at 7064
    1 people found this review helpful!

    Excellent work ..

  8. User Score
    October 5th, 2015 at 7062
    3 people found this review helpful!

    I was with them from 5/14-10/15 very disappointing what they claimed they would do they didnt do waste of my money and time

  9. User Score
    October 4th, 2015 at 7058
    7 people found this review helpful!

    I have been with them for three months and so far so good! I have had about 16 negative items removed from my credit report.. However I am still skeptical about this all. And continue to have questions. So I will post review again in a few months..

  10. User Score
    Charles Knapp
    October 4th, 2015 at 7057
    3 people found this review helpful!

    12 removals in a month….WOW!

  11. User Score
    October 1st, 2015 at 7052
    5 people found this review helpful!

    I have used Lexington for about a year and a half. They have gotten things off my credit that I know I would not be able to on my own.

  12. User Score
    October 1st, 2015 at 7051
    7 people found this review helpful!

    Amazing score 100 points less than a month it’s believed I’m so happy I sighed up worth waiting an the money these people are seriously organized on time with everything customer service is wonderful very nice an professional workers. I’m still getting my credit fixed by this company my credit improved a lot .my credit was getting worse an worse an I didn’t know where to turn then I found lexington law online read reviews very hesitant but I gave it a try an my results are amazing I’m so close to partment

  13. User Score
    September 29th, 2015 at 7039
    9 people found this review helpful!

    Lexington Law has helped improve my credit greatly in the past few months. Highly recommend!!! Thank you so much Lexington Law!!

  14. User Score
    September 28th, 2015 at 7032
    5 people found this review helpful!

    Poor service…..I had them for just over 2 months. 1 item removed…..nothing else after that……general form emails telling me they have received my credit reports…..they should have…I PROVIDED THEM!!!!!!

    When I replied to the emails….I got the same email every time.

    DO NOT waste your money…Just dispute the items yourself…its easy …ITS FREE…..DON’T let them scam you out of your hard earned money.

  15. User Score
    Jermel wilcher
    September 28th, 2015 at 7030
    3 people found this review helpful!

    They service is 1000 percent the truth..

  16. User Score
    Wendy Milton
    September 28th, 2015 at 7029
    5 people found this review helpful!

    I think Lexington Law is a awesome company I’ve came along way.I really don’t care how long it takes them to fix it they have done wonders for my credit I have recommended them to everyone I know. They definitely get the thumbs up for me .

  17. User Score
    September 27th, 2015 at 7027
    3 people found this review helpful!

    I had these people for 2yrs now and they’ve only taken like 4 things off my report. They r extremely slow, they definitely haven’t done $1200 worth of work for me. They are totally scamming people

  18. User Score
    wayne miller
    September 25th, 2015 at 7024
    2 people found this review helpful!

    can not remove inaccurate reports and told me did not how to remove and would need a lawyer 2000 miles away in Idaho to fix things after having me send them notarized letters that did nothing three times they are really terrible and I had better success with another client by call Zales jewels myself on a 90 day late account that had been mailed to the wrong name on mailing address this outfit is cheap and you get what you pay for

  19. User Score
    September 25th, 2015 at 7022
    3 people found this review helpful!

    Do not use this company – they make promises but do not deliver. They charged me $99 a month for 1 year and my credit score did not go up 1 point. In my eyes all they do is yes you to death and take your money. They are horrible – absolutely horrible. They even charged me after I gave them 1 month notice that I no longer wished to continue with them. If you wish to keep your friends do not refer them to this B.S. company

  20. User Score
    September 24th, 2015 at 7020
    3 people found this review helpful!

    Scam!! Do not give these people your credit card number. During sign up they tell you what the monthly fee will be and that there is a $13 charge for the credit report. That is fine, but then they transfer you to “your legal team” and suddenly there is an up-front charge of $100. What?!?!?! Why didn’t the rep who signed me up inform me of this extra charge before? Scam, scam, scam!!!!!

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Ratings Breakdown


Monthly w/ $99.95 First-Work Fee
$79 - $99

Time in Business

Total # of years
24 years



Money Back Guarantee?

Credit Reports

Equifax, Experian, TransUnion

Licensed Attorneys

Are There Attorneys on Staff?

Case Setup

consultation, evaluation etc.

Number of Reviews

User reviews here on BCRC

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