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Imax Credit Repair seems like a reputable organization, but the specifics are cloudy.

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The Good

Imax Credit Repair has links to reviews on their homepage–a unique homepage element. Many companies will simply list four or five “testimonials” where unknown persons write that they are great. With a link to Yelp you know that outside individuals have taken the time to share their story.


iMax Credit Repair

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$89 Yes
$59 Yes

Some companies will charge a setup fee and then monthly fees. Imax Credit Repair will give you a free consultation and then a breakdown of services based on the items that they plan to dispute. Why should you pay the same amount of money to dispute a credit card that was late a few times as someone who is disputing a bankruptcy? At Imax Credit Repair you are treated as an individual.

There are no complaints on file for Imax Credit Repair with the Better Business Bureau in the last three years. For a company that has been open for this is a good thing. You may not be able to tell if every review you read is real or not but by knowing that no customer was angry enough to file a complaint with the BBB you can trust Imax Credit Repair to give decent service.

Before you decide to enter into a partnership with any company for financial matters, be sure to read all the fine print. You don’t want to fall victim to spam. According to Imax Credit Repair they only share information with third parties when it is necessary to fix your credit.

The Bad

The process of hearing back from the big credit companies about improving your credit can take upwards of 60 days. When you are in the market for a new car or a new home and need to have your credit fixed quickly this can be frustrating. Imax Credit Repair has noted that it may take 30 days for a credit bureau to investigate a credit line claim and therefore it can take even longer to get results. If you choose to work with Imax Credit Repair you will want to plan accordingly and not rush into any dreams of a new car or new home. Give yourself a long timeline.

The “Why Imax” tab is a broken link. Imax Credit Repair claims that they are BBB approved, licensed and bonded. If this information cannot be substantiated how are you to believe it? A copy of their registration should be available as a link on their website. According to the BBB they are not accredited.

The privacy policy is extremely similar to Credit Unlimited’s policy. While this is a very general description of how to keep your information safe, shouldn’t the information be worded differently? As neither company is sourcing a webpage about general safety tips each is claiming that this is their own policy. Where did this original data come from? You certainly do not want a company that cannot think for itself.

The Bottom Line

When you are searching for a credit repair company be sure that you do thorough research before giving out your personal information. There is good information about client reviews but not enough information about who the Imax Credit Repair is. According to the BBB Mr. Ali Zane is the managing partner of Imax Credit Repair. On Yelp reviews “Ali” is mentioned several times. However, he is not mentioned on the Imax Credit Repair webpage. You will want to look into who he is. What is his background? Why did he found Imax Credit Repair? When you are sharing your information with him shouldn’t he share information with you?

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Review Last Updated: August 14, 2014

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