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Park View Law is a credit repair service that prides itself on having a legal staff ready to help you dispute the errors on your credit reports. Cost of service depends on the amount of deletions completed by Park View Law. Despite having a legal staff, Park View Law does not have a BBB rating and also has an incomplete website. There is an issue with transparency as well. It is not clear what the pricing for services are, and there seem to be a great deal of former customers who are upset with their experience with Park View Legal.

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The Good

Park View Law has attorneys on staff ready to assist you in your credit repair endeavors. It is not required of credit repair companies to have an attorney on staff, but it does help with some clients’ cases. Having attorneys on staff may give your case the edge it needs to remove those negative items that may be more obscure or complex.


Park View Legal

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$59 - $99 Yes
$89 Yes
$59 Yes

Park View Legal does offer a free case evaluation prior to beginning the credit repair process. This evaluation involves a credit expert whom examines your credit report, in detail, and determines what can be done to improve your credit score. This free evaluation is critical because a customized plan is developed based on the findings and identified errors.

The Bad

There is not much information out there about Park View Law, which may be a contributing factor to “no rating” with the BBB. On top of that, Park View Law is extremely difficult to reach. You will most likely be put on hold for quite some time. The Park View Legal website does not include some information that potential and current customers would find helpful. You can’t check updates to your account online, instead it is emailed to you for your review.

You may have to pay a start-up fee to set up an account in addition to the work that has been done on your credit case. This means that if you only have a few items you need removed or challenged, you will have to pay for the items removed as well as ongoing monthly fees. The pricing is ambiguous, which is a concern. Clients should know going into it exactly how much the services will cost.

The Bottom Line

Park View Law is not readily available or transparent. Their website does not provide adequate information to clients and they are difficult to get in contact with. They do have a legal team, but there is no way of knowing how much the service is going to cost because you are charged based on the number of items that can be deleted from your credit report. You will not be able to access updated results, but will have to wait for email updates.

Park View Law uses a three-step process to service their clients. It all starts with a free credit case evaluation, then a follow-up FICO-certified credit consultation, and finishes up with a dispute process. Here is a breakdown of each stage:

1. Free Credit Case Evaluation

Start by signing up by either calling (888)-998-2889 or filing out a form online. Shortly after completing the online form, you will be contacted by a Park View Law credit specialist to begin your free credit case evaluation. This will help you understand the credit disputing process and answer any questions you may have about credit repair.

2. FICO-Certified Consultation

After signing up, you will be contacted by your personal FICO-certified credit analyst who will go through your entire credit report and identify the areas where there can be improvement and adjustment made to improve your credit score. This consultation can also be broken down:

  • Analysis

This is a thorough breakdown of your credit file. This is when your assigned analyst will help you understand what your credit report says about your financial habits (good and bad). This is simply a way for you to understand what can be done to help your score get better.

  • Identification

This portion of the consultation consists of clarifying exactly what work can be performed. There are items that can’t be disputed (such as accurate credit items), but there are also items that can be removed. The identification process will clear that all up for you.

  • Credit Building

The credit building portion of your service is where you have the opportunity to learn exactly what helps and hurts your credit score. This is an educational process where experts teach you how to better manage your credit and allow for you to make the progress needed to build a positive credit history.

  • Time Frame

This is the portion of the consultation that allows for you to ask as many questions as you need. If you are preparing to purchase a home or car and you need to know how the program will help you achieve those goals, this is the time to ask.

3. Credit Dispute Process

The credit dispute process is where the real work begins. At this point, you will know all the work and details that go into fixing your credit report, now the plan is simply put in actions. About 1-2 days after your credit consultation, your first dispute letters will be available to send out. The legal team is responsible for drafting the initial dispute letters complete with a few other verification documents (which will also be covered in your credit consultation).

These credit dispute letters are sent to the credit bureaus. In approximately 30 days, the credit bureaus will send you the results of the dispute. These results consist of the outcomes and whether or not the items on your credit report have been deleted, verified, corrected, or will stand as is. After receiving these results, you will have to forward them to the Park View Law staff for review. This process is repeated for any and all disputable items.

**This is a summation of the terms and services/contract details/privacy policy and is in no way a complete depiction of this company’s actual terms and services or contract. The information found below is simply additional information and commentary with the intent to help the consumer. If you wish to know the exact language of the terms of service/contract, please contact this company with any questions or concerns you may have.**

Section 1:

“Park View Legal provides a free and personalized credit case evaluation done by a fico-certified credit analyst for potential customers that are willing to pay an enrollment fee of $59.95 which covers the individuals credit history, and various credit reports that provides the data for a personalized credit evaluation.”

What to know:

While the evaluation provided by Park View Law is free to those that enroll in their program, you will have to pay $59.95 to cover the service fees that are associated with gathering the necessary documents and reports to conduct the evaluation.

Section 2:

“A $59.95 Enrollment Fee allows Park View Legal to create a Customer’s (You) individualized Park View Legal Credit Summary Profile, unique to each client, based on their individual credit history, in addition to covering the costs for reviewing reports of the enrolling individual. The Free and personalized credit case evaluation is complimentary upon payment of Enrollment Fee. Charges for the $59.95 Enrollment Fee will not process until the following services have been rendered: Allows the credit profile that Park View Legal constructs, as detailed above, to be viewed, analyzed, and evaluated by a credit analyst employed by Park View Legal. This analyst will recommend Park View Legal programs which you may qualify for and/or suggest alternative actions to be taken in order to improve your credit rating. Includes a free and personalized phone evaluation with one of Park View Legal Senior Credit Analysts.”

What to know:

The fee you are required to pay upon enrollment is used to set up your profile in addition to obtaining credit history and reports for review. Once you have paid that enrollment fee, you will receive an individual credit consultation with a credit analyst. In this consultation, you will learn whether or not you are qualified for additional credit repair services performed by Park View Law.

Section 3:

“Park View Legal does NOT provide legal counsel. This one-time NON-REFUNDABLE Enrollment Fee will be credited back IF AND ONLY IF you, the consumer, choose to move forward with further Park View Legal programs and services with a signed Credit Services Agreement. What a $59.95 Enrollment Fee Does Not Cover: The 59.95 fee does not in any way cover any of the costs associated to credit restoration. However, as stated above, the Enrollment Fee will be credited back to the user IF AND ONLY IF they choose to move forward with additional Prime Credit Experts services and programs with a signed Credit Services Agreement. The Enrollment Fee DOES NOT provide a specific guarantee or a particular outcome from the services rendered within this Case Evaluation. Additionally, the Enrollment Fee also does not guarantee a particular time frame in which your case may be resolved. By agreeing to pay this Enrollment Fee, you are allowing for Park View Legal to honestly and fairly assess your current credit situation, and evaluate potential ways in which Park View Legal may potentially help to repair your credit rating.”

What to know:

Park View Law does not work as a law firm and will not provide legal counsel to clients. The $59.95 enrollment fee is only credited back if you choose to continue credit repair services from Park View Law. There is not a specific guarantee of how many items will be removed or how much your score will improve. There is also no guarantee based on how long this credit repair service will take place. If you pay the fee, you are giving permission to Park View Legal to assess your credit situation and determine if you are eligible for further services.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Visit our Request Reconsideration page and send us your feedback today!

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